Demystifying Misconceptions about Using Compatible Toner Cartridges

Demystifying misconceptions about using compatible toner cartridges prove to be a tall order. The urban myths and legends seem to be rampant on these digital streets and elsewhere. The misconceptions are founded on some justifiable notions to some extent. But mostly, it’s a case of maintaining brand loyalty.

Perhaps, most of the printer users are aware of the existence of compatible toner cartridges. However, they are overpowered by the misconceptions to make a move on them. They tend to feel that going the compatible toner cartridges way is diving into murky waters. They’d want to protect themselves from what they perceive as low-quality generics.

The negative reviews get more press than the truth.  What they are yet to discover is that compatible toners are quite economical. You’ll find organizations and individuals spending more than they should. Some look for other ways to save on costs. For instance, a company will reduce the amount of printing done to save money.

The misconceptions will remain as so, but the truth always finds a way eventually. This is one way the truth finds a voice.

For starters, most printer users believe that any toner that’s not from the original brand should be avoided at all cost! Why? They buy the misconception that all of them are just drill and fill kind of way repair. The reality is that refills are in existence. But remanufacturing is more complex than that. It’s about dismantling a piece of the cartridge, repairing it if the parts are broken and then refiling it. The process extends to cleaning the toner cartridge where necessary.

Besides, various companies sell repair parts that allow the redone cartridge to get back to optimum performance. Plus, none of the cartridges is released to the market before they are tested. The other misconception that a printer user has is that the compatible or remanufactured toners perform at dismal levels. This is not true because some of the compatible toner cartridges deliver top-notch performance, a cut above the Original ones.

The other misconception is pegged on a belief that remanufactures use worn-out toner cartridges. However, this is not true because once the toner has been worn out it’s difficult to make it useful again. In most cases, worn out toner cartridges are contaminated. Further, they believe that a broken toner will damage the printer. Also, this is not true but a misconception.

It’s good to mention that compatible toner cartridges and ink cartridges have a higher probability of breaking. But then again, the toner has minimal contact with the printer. Therefore, the chances of breaking the printer are minimal. One of the misconceptions that scare printer users are losing out their warranty.

They believe that if they use compatible toner cartridges such as Brother DCP-L2550DW toner they will void their warranties. Again, this is not true and boarders on misconceptions. What they don’t tell you is that when you use compatible toners, you save a lot on your budget. They are economical because they sell for far much less than what original toners retail for.

Compatible toner retails at less than half the original’s price. This shows you that you get a bargain by choosing the compatible toner.

Compatible toner cartridges are at the forefront as far as reducing greenhouse emissions is concerned. They are manufactured using recycled materials. On the other hand, original toners are bad for the environment especially after they’ve been worn out. Simply put, original equipment manufacturer toners are bad for the environment.

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